'Mac' Grand Ch Meadowbriar Macbeth Findlaech  TDX CAA






Welcome to My Page!

We could not Thank John & Rachel Robertson of                       enough for entrusting us with this spectacular boy.

He tottered onto the show scene in 2016 taking multiple 'Class in Group' wins as he grew up and grew into himself.

He has a temperament most breeders would be envious of, bonding deeply with his family, but level and confident enough to be a star with the public at both the 'Dog Lovers Show' & Royals impressing Adults and Children alike and proving an exemplary ambassador for our rare breed.

In 2018 he discovered 'Lure Coursing' achieving his JC (Junior Courser) title in his first weekend and he's not missed a beat yet! In 2019 he continued his passion for Lure Coursing achieving his CA (Coursing Ability) title, the achievement of Fastest Field Spaniel in Australia in Battle of the States and by the end of the year he gained his third Luring title, his CAA (Coursing Ability Advanced).

More recently (2019) has seen Macbeth stretch his wings further as he tried his nose at Tracking and with great results... sniffing his way throught tracks 1,2 & 3 to his TD title... closely followed by his tracks 4,5 & 6 to gain his TDX title... (gaining an Excellent on his track 5 in horrendous weather)

Track On my Boy!

We look forward to much more from Macbeth, the futures shining bright...


What will we be upto in :- 2020

Unfortunately due to COVID we at


have been unable to get out and about as we normally would

We look forward and hope to see you all in 2021

BestAusbred in :-

Best Ausbred in Group

Saturday 5th October 2019

Seymour A&P Society

Championship Show

Judge - Mr Warren Greasley (Vic)

Best Intermediate in :-

Best Intermediate in Group

Sunday 30th December 2018

Dogs Victoria Amenities Show

Championship Show

Judge - Mrs Lavinia McKenzie-Goodwin (Nz)

Best Intermediate in Open Show

Sunday 29th July 2018

Rarer Gundog Spaniel Club of Victoria

Open Show

Judge - Mrs Katherine Whiteley (Vic)

Best Junior in Group

Monday 6th November 2017

Albury & Border Kennel Club

Championship Show

Judge - Mrs J Starky (NSW)

BestJunior in :-

BestPuppy in :-

From a young age Macbeth made his mark...

BestMinor Puppy in :-

Best Puppy in Open Group

Sunday 30th  April 2017

Dogs Victoria Open Show

Open Show

Judge - Ms Caitlin Ryan (Vic)

Best Puppy in Speciality Show!

Best Puppy in Group

Saturday 13th  May 2017

Shepparton & District Kennel Club

Championship Show

Judge - Mr Tom Tancred (NSW)

Best Minor Puppy in Group

Sunday 5th March 2017

Yarra Glen Kennel Club

Championship Show

Judge - Mrs A Alexander (Vic)

Best Minor Puppy in Group

Sunday 5th March 2017

Yarra Glen Kennel Club

Championship Show

Judge - Mrs S Stasytis (Vic)

Best Minor Puppy in Group

Saturday 11th March 2017

Mt Elephant & District Kennel Club

Championship Show

Judge - Mr A Johnson (WA)

Best Minor Puppy in Group

Sunday 12th March 2017

Noorat & District Kennel Club

Championship Show

Judge - Mrs H Jones (WA)

Best Minor Puppy in Group

Monday 13th March 2017

Camperdown & District Kennel Club

Championship Show

Judge - Mrs S Baxter (WA)

Macbeth's Other Achievements.....

Macbeth attend 'The Melbourne Royal along

with many of his friends...

We had a great time and we were thrilled with Mac's placing of

          'Reserve Dog Challenge'

                    in a line-up of quality dogs!

Macbeth then spent the remaider of his day reveling in the adoration he recieved from his many admirerers... the general public, as he sat around doing his favourate pastime... the meet and greet.

He is a wonderful ambasador for our rare breed and never fails to impress young or old!

Melbourne Royal Show

Tuesday 24th September 2019

Judge - Mr Espen Engh (Norway)

Saturday 3rd June 2017

Gundogs of the Southern Region

Championship Show

Judge - Mr John Stanton (Nz)


Sydney Royal Show

Tuesday 16th April 2019

Judge - Mrs Haruko Mizokoshi (Japan)

Macbeth took part in the Sydney Royal Again this year.

He Strutted his stuff flawlessly around the ring in the best possible fashion and gained first place in his class!

               'Intermediate Dog'

Our boy never seams to fail us and we are again extreamly proud!

Canberra Royal Show

Sunday 24th February 2019

Judge - Mrs D Swift (Nz)


taking Mac to :-

Ch. Meadowbriar Macbeth Findlaech TDX CAA


Macbeth achieves his Track 6  (with no fails as yet)

and the title of...

                     Tracking Dog Excellent'

under ~Tracking Judge - Mr Peter Miller


Macbeth and Amber today went to try their noses at a new Dog Sport... Tracking!

'Track 1 - Macbeth attained - Very Good!'

The he did a  'Track On' and

'Track 2 - attained - Good!'

We are overjoyed with how Macbeth excelled today and we can't wait to see how he continues!

23.03.2019 :-

     'Coursing Ability'


Coursing AbilityAdvanced'


Macbeth achieves his Track 3 (without any fails)

and the title of...

                               Tracking Dog'     

under ~Tracking Judge - Mrs Dawn Howard



Lure Coursing...

  taking Mac to :-

Ch. Meadowbriar Macbeth Findlaech TDX CAA

Again Macbeth took on the challenge of the 'Runnaway Plastic Baggies' and attended various 'Lure Coursing' meets to show off his prowess...

He ran his little heart out... Loved every second of it...

and not only retained his title of

     'Fastest Field Spaniel in Australia'

but he also attained two more titles!




We were raelly proud of 'Mac' Ch Meadowbriar Macbeth Findlaech JC at Friday's Melbourne Royal 2018.

He took 'Best Intermediate Dog' in a strong line-up of dogs.

We could ask no more of our beautiful boy!


Melbourne Royal Show

Mr Jeff Horswell (UK)

Field Spaniel critique...

Best of Breed ('Coco' Ch Meadowbriar Chocolate Coated) : Lovely bitch with very typical movement. She has a long well chiseled muzzle. Correct stop, eye and expression, well made front, level topline, ribs go well back, super temperament.

Puppy of Breed : Very promising, would like a little more depth to muzzle. Very typical and movement Ok.

General Comments : They could all be a bit bigger and up on leg a fraction. Mouths were Ok, as everywhere, feet and pasterns not great on all.

Lure Coursing...

   taking Mac to :-

  Ch. Meadowbriar Macbeth Findlaech JC

Battle of the States 2018

Fastest Field Spaniel in Australia 2018

100m in 9.89 seconds!


Highest Scoring Field Spaniel - Hound Club of Victoria

Mrs Leah Perry (Qld)


Junior Courser - title achieved!

Macbeth gains Best of Breed from Puppy class!


Canberra Royal 2017

Mr B Spoljaric (Croatia)

Macbeth achieves a 17pt Best ofBreed form Puppy class in a field of 15 dogs!


Sporting Spaniel Society NSW

Mr J Hubbard (USA)

Field Spaniel critique...

BoB: Very typical in every kind. Long head, well placed eyes and ears, masculine expression. Nice fore chest, straight front, good feet. Excellent length of neck and body. Straight topline also when moving, although eight years of age. Very well angualted with strong hocks. Underline typical chocolate brown, silky coat.

    R-up: Also a male with very nice shaped head, soft expression low earset, good length of neck. Quite good topline when moving. Very well angulate in rear. Nice coat texture.

    Pup: Same type of dog, just a puppy with nice head shape, good length of neck and body. Moves happily like a puppy.

Macbeth gains Puppy of Breed


Sydney Royal 2017

Barbara Muller (Swit)

COVID  virtual shows :-

Murray Valley Kennel Club (SA)

Friday 29th May 2020

Judge - Mr Simon Sims (Philippines)

Best of Breed




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