Ch Meadowbriar Macbeth Findlaech TD CA


Ch Meadowbriar Macbeth Findlaech TD CA

We could not Thank John & Rachel Robertson of Meadowbriar enough for entrusting us with this spectacular boy.

He tottered onto the show scene in 2016 taking multiple 'Class in Group' wins as he grew up and grew into himself.

Then in 2017 he discovered 'Lure Coursing' achieving his JC (Junior Courser) title in his first weekend and he's not missed a beat yet!

More recently 2019 has seen Macbeth stretch his wings further as he tried his nose at Tracking... with great results...sniffing his waythrought tracks 1,2 & 3 to his TD title... closely followed by his tracks 4 & 5 (gaining an Excellent on his track 5 in horrendous weather)... Track On my Boy!

He has a temperament most breeders would be envious of, bonding deeply with his family, but level and confident enough to be a star with the public at both the 'Dog Lovers Show' & Royals impressing Adults and Children alike and proving an exemplary ambassador for our rare breed.

We look forward to much more from Macbeth, the futures shining bright...

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Lure Coursing

Coursing Ability (CA) title achieved



'Ch Meadowbriar Macbeth Findlaech TDX  CA'

Tracking Dog Excellent title 'TDX'


Tracking Dog title 'TD'