'Dee' Longbourn





Minor Puppy in Group!

Minor Puppy in Show!!!

In the Show Ring...


Junior in Group!

Puppy in Group!

Puppy in Show!!!

Baby Puppy in Group!

Baby Puppy in Speciality Show!

Sydney Royal!



DeeDee is a more reserved young lady with a wicked side. You will often see her sitting watching, taking everything in... but thats normally her just calculating the exact point to ambush one of her siblings...

MiLady was introduced to the showring at 3 month then went off tracking until she was 8 month, in this time she gained her TD (Tracking Dog) title.

She returned to the ring with all the sizzle and spark a Fieldie should taking out 'Puppy in Show', Minor in Show and Puppy in Group in one weekend! Then one month later as she turned 9 month she went for a dally with the big kids and took  3 out of 6  'Junior in Group'!

To say we are impressed with the achievements of this young girl would be an understatement and we look forward to seeing where her future takes her...

Ausbred in Group!


Other Achievements