*Longbourn Field Spaniels*

Your Friend ... Your Family ... Your Heart!




Longbourn D'Artagnan TAN


Longbourn Vassa Firebird

D'Artagnan & Vassa

are living the best life

in South of France

with Natalie and Walther

@ du Pech de la Guinestelle


Longbourn Cassian Warriorheart

Ezra is such a good natured boy

who moved to Far North Queensland

to Join Brandi & her team

he fit right in like he's been there forever...


Longbourn Morigan Truthspeaker

Ruby is the fulfillment of a dream...

and lives with her family

Keiryn & Claire in NSW

she's a challenging spunkmuffin

who thinks we are all here for her amusement


Ch Longbourn Gandalf Grayhame RN